What’s your greatest food moment?

It’s important to find the little things in life that make you happy. That’s why this year we’ve curated some of our network’s wonderful food moments encountered this year. We’d love to hear yours too.


Waller Face FAChris Waller, manager of Noa Bakehouse and Isle of Man Food Assembly

Never before had I seen or even heard of a Romanesco Cauliflower, so when I first clocked eyes on one earlier this year that had been grown just up the road, I was pretty blown away by it’s geometric spirals. I don’t think I’ve ever been so inspired by a Brassica, or any vegetable for that matter! The world is full of surprises and when those surprises are right on your doorstep you can really see the value in getting to know your local area and the people (and vegetables) that make it what it is.

katieirvingKatie Irving, Lee Food Assembly
Biscuit dunking in tea, but getting the timing perfect so the biscuit is warm and soft… but no biscuit bits have made their way into my mug. It makes me feel ready for the day in the morning, and equally ready to curl up on the sofa in the evening. Tea just seems incomplete without them.

2016-12-20Lyndsey Fisher-Cooke, Southbourne Food Assembly
My favourite food moment is stirring a risotto with a glass of wine in the other hand. My favourite comfort food and I stir in the love for whoever gets to join me!  I love Italian food and make nutritious fresh pasta for my Food Assembly every week, but I also offer a kit for veg-laden risotto boxes so everyone can have the best Bournemouth-produced Italian inspired creations cooked at home.

Robyn LovelockRobyn Munford, Llangollen Food Assembly

It has to be the moment I sit down to enjoy a meal that is mostly locally produced. I think it’s the anticipation of how fresh the flavours will be, knowing it will be a lovely meal, combined with the knowledge that my purchases will have contributed to a family business – not just a corporation’s bottom line. Here’s an example: treflach farm mushroom and Stilton pie with Babbinswood farm multicoloured carrots and potatoes. Delicious!

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 13.55.32Floriane Malot, Putney Food Assembly
On days like Christmas, we start cooking in the morning, and we each have a task from peeling veg to making dips and presenting all the food nicely, but the best moment is when we pick in the dish before it is finished, to taste if we got it right or not (or just because we did get it right). Tasting whilst cooking makes me feel  naughty, knowledgeable and proud. Naughty because it is more fun to taste while nobody is looking and get caught… knowledgeable because tasting and smelling are the only ways to know whether you got your mix right. Proud because it tastes good.

IMG_4086(1)Sara Pupi, King’s Cross Food Assembly

I am lucky to experience my favourite food moment every Sunday morning – when I get to display the vegetables before the collection starts. It’s great learning about them, seeing all the pretty colours and shapes, it really makes me feel connected to the food I eat and to those who make them. Then when people come and see things they have never seen before, beautiful dark green heads of cavolo nero, or brussel sprouts on their stalks, their faces full of amazement, all the questions they ask, it’s a real satisfaction!


Katie Roche

Katie Roche

Katie is editor of The Food Assembly blog. She enjoys writing about community, food, sustainability and how it all fits together.