Halloween: 5 Pumpkin Recipes

Perhaps the most iconic of all Autumn foods, pumpkins are now invading cities and shops. A real superfood with a bounty of delicious healthy benefits squashed inside – antioxidants, vitamins A and C, potassium and zinc – pumpkins trump even the most sophisticated multivitamin pill!

So, pack these dynamo recipes into an empty container for lunch this winter.

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1. Roasted Squash with Sage

Food blogger Jo Romero has got a fantastic recipe for roasted squash with a cheeky coat of duck fat. The paleo fan says: “Lately I’ve been mixing it up, roasting and mashing squash as an alternative to potatoes. It still fills you up, but it is also sweet and adds colour to your dinner.” Amen to that.

2. Tomato and Mozzarella Stuffed Pumpkin

Fancy stuffing a pumpkin with tomato and mozzarella? Yes you do! Vegetarian Living writer and foodie Sarah Scott has created a very moorish, fun recipe for this.

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3. Pumpkin Soup

Lisa of vegetarian family food blog called ‘We Don’t Eat Anything With a Face’ has got the quickest pumpkin soup recipe that can be cooked by even the most below-par chefs in this world.

4. Pumpkin Smoothie

A 10-minute recipe for a seasonal smoothie? Yes, please. Natasha of Honestly Healthy likes to prepare a batch of roast pumpkin on a Sunday night and store it in the fridge. “Then I can use some in salads and have some straight to hand to whack in my smoothies. It’s all about preparing ahead,” she says.

Tom Hunt

5. Pumpkin Pie with Cardamon

Last but not least, who can forget dessert? Eco-chef and keen food waste activist Tom Hunt puts some eco-love into this pumpkin pie. He’s cheating by using butternut squash, but we’ll let him get away with it. This time.

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