Top 5 Easter Treats

We love Easter and all our producers have been super creative in making Easter treats for you this week.

1. Easter Eggs from Yolk in London.


Get your mitts on these beauties – handmade chocolate eggs made with milk chocolate, decorated with white and dark chocolate. Starting at £6.

2. Raw Chocolate Lollipops by Wild Things

Thought chocolate was bad for you? Not at all. Chocolate is a actually a superfood. Our producer, Wild Things, in Cornwall makes these raw chocolate lollipops that are kid-friendly and tasty with a health kick. Nom. Four lollipops are £3.

3. Drunken Burt by The Chester Cheese Shop

Drunken Burt
Say hello to Drunken Burt, a creamy soft cheese washed in cider. Our producers The Chester Cheese Shop supply some funky products. It’s no wonder they were named as Observer Food Monthly Best Producer in 2013. Price is £4.60 for 200 grams.


4. Dulce de Leche by The London Jam Factory

London Jam Factory_Dulce De Leche
Dulce de leche is a popular Latin American sweet that translates roughly into something like milk jam or milk candy. This home-made confection is made by the award-winning producers by slowly heating sweetened milk and sugar. Perfectly pairing with bread, ice cream, waffles, on toast, or just dunk the spoon in!

5. Rhubarb Soda by Square Root London

Everyone’s been talking about this flavour. Made from fresh Yorkshire Rhubarb straight from the farm, this soda is the perfect childhood memory of crumble and comfort all rolled up into a bottle of fizzy pop. Price is £5 for three bottles.

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