Food Assembly in finals for BBC Food Award

The Food Assembly is a ‘Best British Food Initiative’ finalist in the BBC Food and Farming Awards for “making a positive difference to how and what Britain eats, and is showing the industry the way forward.”

We’re super excited about this. Whoop!

With over 10,000 members in the UK, we’re delighted that The Food Assembly’s efforts to bring locally, quality fresh food to you is being recognised.

For newbies, The Food Assembly is a platform that enables you to buy fresh local food directly from farmers and foodmakers. Customers, who are also known as members, can buy online and then pick up their order at a weekly pop-up market.

Sheila Dillon, presenter of Radio 4’s The Food Programme and host of the awards says: “I’ve never before felt so strongly that food and farming are changing the UK. Many of the best, most entrepreneurial, engaged minds are now in the food business.”

The Food Assembly organisers and its members in Britain are delighted with all the efforts they’ve put into growing their local food community through their weekly pop-up markets.

Theo Keane, organiser of Haggerston’s Food Assembly in London, is looking forward to hearing the outcome at the BBC Award Ceremony, which celebrity cook Jamie Oliver describes as the “Oscars of the Food World”.

haggerstonFA selfie(1)(1)
Assembly organisers Theo Keane and Rebecca Scurlock

“This recognition from the BBC will highlight the brilliant local food and craft that is available on people’s doorstep,” says Theo.

“The best thing about The Food Assembly is the produce: it’s local, delicious and it doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s also great to get to know the producers and understand their craft, and bring the community together at an exciting venue.”

Not only does our model enable you to access fresh local food in your area, we also empower local farmers and foodmakers, support healthy eating, and reduce food waste.

  • The average distance of products from your local Food Assembly is 28 miles, compared with thousands of miles with supermarket-bought food.

  • The average farmer in the UK receives between 9-15% of the retail price when supplying through conventional supply chains such as supermarkets, compared with over 80% through Food Assemblies.

  • Each Assembly creates paid work for local organisers. By running a Food Assembly in their area, they receive a supplementary income.

  • We remove waste from the supply system – farmers and foodmakers know exactly how much they will deliver in advance.

1000-FA_Pasta Mansi_MR_13
Foodmakers: Pasta guru Emanuela Mansi

Pia McGee, organiser of Somerset’s Frome Assembly, says, “I am so proud of The Food Assembly for reaching the finals of such a prestigious award when it has been up and running in the UK for less than a year.”

“I host a Food Assembly because I wanted to do something small but worthwhile for me after the birth of my first baby. It has meant I could indulge my love of food (sourcing, cooking, talking!) and really feel connected with my local community.”

The Food Assembly is pretty chuffed to be among other amazing BBC Food and Farming Awards nominees such as: London’s E5 Bakehouse for Best Food Producer; Northamptonshire’s Warner Edwards Gin for Best Drink Producers; and Jo Ingleby from Redcliffe Children’s Centre for Best Cook of the Year.

Also, other foodie finalists include yummy dairy cheesemaker Doddington Dairy, the amazing family-run service station Gloucester Services, and Britain’s favourite market, Doncaster market.

The Food Assembly is shortlisted with three others for the prestigious BBC food award, along with Sustain’s Campaign for Better Hospital Food, and MA in Food Anthropology at SOAS.

The BBC Food and Farming Awards highlights how progressive food projects are becoming in this country. Eh, watch out Jamie Oliver!

Winners will be announced at a ceremony held in Bristol on Thursday 30 April 2015.

Love food? Organise or join your local Food Assembly here.


Katie Roche

Katie Roche

Katie is editor of The Food Assembly blog. She enjoys writing about community, food, sustainability and how it all fits together.


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